Excess Fund Recovey 

When you owe taxes on your home and are unable to pay it. Since our home taxes pays the salary of the police, and fire department, the government will auction your home at the courthouse. After the government takes their shares, the left over amount is sitting in there uncollected. Our law firm is dedicated to Helping families who has lost their properties due to a government forced sale. After the sale, the government refuses to find and give back the money owed to these people. Our Law firm finds these individuals through extensive research and file these claims on their behalf for a contingent fee, meaning we do not get paid unless you recover you funds.

What We Do

What We Do

  • We audit government agency’s records
  • We specialize in locating money that is referred to as Unclaimed Funds.
  • We work really hard at locating the rightful owner.¬†
  • We represent and assist the claimant in receiving their funds.

What We DON’T DO

  • *We do NOT want any up-front money from you!
  • *We are NOT bill collectors!
  • *We are NOT trying to sell you anything!
  • *We do NOT want your personal info!
  • *We do NOT want your SSN!
  • *We do NOT want your Debit/Credit card info!

Absolutely No Risk

  • There is no money required from you for us to go and recover the claim.
  • We only receive a fee after we are successful at recovering the claim.
  • Once the claim has been recovered you will retain 2/3rd and we receive 1/3rd and we pay for all of the costs to recover the claim.
  • There is ZERO risk involved on your end.

How To Quickly Get Back Unclaimed Funds That Belong To You

Dear Friend,

You were more than likely invited to this website by a letter or email that you received in the from us…

That means the chances are good that you are one of the millions of people in the U.S. that have unclaimed money sitting in a government agency waiting for you to get it!

If you want to find out more about unclaimed funds recovery right now, simply call us at: 1(470)699-4330. You were probably skeptical before you came to this website and you may still be uncertain if there really is such a thing as “unclaimed money”.

Sadly, this is a huge deal as evidenced by it being profiled on Dateline NBC, ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox Business, Fox News and CBS News.

In fact, there’s an entire government agency dedicated to unclaimed property, it’s called the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.